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Brookvale Team

Mr Day - Head Teacher (Lead DSL)
Mrs Trigg - Deputy Head Teacher (Deputy DSL)
Miss Beard - Reception Class Teacher
Miss Laila - Reception Teacher
Mrs Johnston - Reception Teaching Assistant
Miss Schulze - Year 1 Class Teacher
Miss Fencott - Year 1 Teaching Assistant
Mrs Patrick - Year 2 Class Teacher
Mrs Beer - Year 2 Class Teacher
Mrs Horne - Year 2 Teaching Assistant
Miss Jarvis - Year 3 Teaching Assistant
Mr Spring - Year 3 Class Teacher
Mrs Fielden - Year 4 Class Teacher (DSL)
Miss Kaur - Year 5 Class Teacher (DSL)
Miss Ashford - Year 6 Teaching Assistant
Mrs Hand - Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Steve Hale - Pastoral Manager (DSL)
Mrs Hutt Teacher (currently on maternity leave)
Mrs Baizon -  Office Manager
Mrs Coulson - Administration Assistant
Mr Borsos - Buildings and services supervisor
Mr Gill - Chief Executive Officer of The ATLP
Ms Hobbs - Lunchtime Supervisor
Miss Critchley - Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Styche Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Simon - School Cleaner
Mrs Bansal - Before School Coordinator
Mrs A Moore - Chartwells Cook
Mrs Sullivan - Chartwells Kitchen Assistant