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Meet the team

Picture 1 Mr Smart Head Teacher DSL
Picture 2 Mrs Trigg Deputy Head Teacher Lead DSL
Picture 3 Miss Kaur KS2 Phase Leader Teacher
Picture 4 Miss Halsey KS1 Phase Leader Teacher
Picture 5 Mrs Patrick Phase Leader Teacher
Picture 6 Mrs Beer Phase Leader Teacher
Picture 7 Miss Griffiths Inclusion Manager Teacher
Picture 8 Mrs Hutt Teacher
Picture 9 Miss Beard Teacher
Picture 10 Ms Spencer Teacher
Picture 11 Mrs Fielden Teacher
Picture 12 Mrs Johnson Teaching Assistant
Picture 13 Mrs Bradley Teaching Assistant
Picture 14 Mrs Horne Teaching Assistant
Picture 15 Mrs Hand Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Picture 16 Ms Fencott Teaching Assistant
Picture 17 Mrs Callow Teaching Assistant
Picture 18 Ms Ashford Teaching Assistant
Picture 19 Steve Hale Pastoral Manager DSL
Picture 20 Mrs Williams Strategic Maths Lead
Picture 21 Miss Jarvis Teaching Assistant Sports Coordinator
Picture 22 Mrs Frisby Senior Office Manager
Picture 23 Mrs Baizon Office Manager
Picture 24 Mrs Coulson Administration Assistant
Picture 25 Mr Whittle BSS
Picture 26 Mr Coveney IT Support
Picture 27 Mr Jenkins IT Support
Picture 28 Mr Gill CEO
Picture 29 Ms Hobbs Lunchtime Supervisor Before Sch Assistant
Picture 30 Miss Critchley Lunchtime Supervisor
Picture 31 Mrs Styche Lunchtime Supervisor
Picture 32 Mrs Francis Chartwells Head Cook
Picture 33 Mrs Sullivan Chartwells Kitchen Assistant
Picture 34 Mrs Reynolds Chartwells Kitchen Assistant
Picture 35 Mrs Bansal Before School Assistant
Picture 36 Mrs Bown Cleaner
Picture 37 Mrs Harrington Chair of Govenors
Picture 38 Mrs Barnett Govenor
Picture 39 Mrs Whittle Govenor